What To Expect – The Nitty Gritty!

Traineeship Programmes – What Should I Expect?

We really believe in the value of gaining the experience first and consolidating the knowledge at the end of the programme. Most of what is usually learnt all at once in a fast-track course really won’t be formally taught until each scheduled section such as a theory week. So rather than asking us, ‘What does that look like?” We will show you in practise. We believe that by the time you take the formal courses you will have gained so much experience in the real world that this will come naturally and none of the concepts will be new or difficult because you will have already used them in practise. 

  • Do I need to be self-motivated?
    • You will be expected to be motivated, engaged and self-reflective during your traineeship.   
    • We do not formally teach skills with repetitive paper theory exercises and drills.
    • You will be expected to actively participate in all aspects of sailing and racing both above and below decks as well as yacht maintenance.
    • It will be your responsibility to ensure that you have covered all the aspects required for the RYA Yachtmaster syllabus.
    • Our traineeship will give you real experience of sailing and racing within the yachting industry. 
  • Will there be formal teaching?
    • There are periods of structured learning during the theory courses, First Aid and Radio courses.
    • You will receive an intensive exam prep. course.
    • You will be required to sit paper exams. If you require additional time for these tasks please do let us know as we of course accommodate this.
  • Will my progress be monitored?
    • Throughout the programme you will get the opportunity to receive feedback from different skippers. You will be given the chance to reflect on what you have learnt and to discuss how you can constantly improve to achieve your goals.
    • During events you will be representing Global Yacht Racing and be expected to act as an active and valued team member. Therefore you should also expect to receive feedback from our other clients too! The best way to confirm that you are secure in your understanding of your learning is to be able to explain and teach others.
  • Will I be given responsibility ?
    • During events you will be representing Global Yacht Racing and will be expected to take on roles of responsibilities in different areas of the yacht. 
  • Will I get my hands dirty?

You will gain experience of operating a race charter vessel which includes all aspects from MCA coding requirements, ISAF regulations, race preparation, rope work including splicing, engine checks to sail care. This will give you an insider’s view of the race yacht charter industry. 

    • To ensure that our yachts are maintained to a high standard, are race-ready and competitive they need to be constantly looked after. You will be expected to get involved in all aspects of the care and maintenance of our yachts.
    • We believe that this provides an invaluable hands-on experience that employers are looking for. Indeed one of our graduates, who went on to work in the super yacht industry, recently told us that the one thing our course hadn’t prepared him for was the hard graft expected by yacht owners!
    • You will be expected you to take an active role in the work on the yachts; which provides an opportunity to learn many practical skills vital to those wishing to skipper a yacht. This will involve hard work as many of the jobs are physical, manual and can be very dirty; such as preparing and antifouling the hull, deep cleaning bilges, varnishing, servicing winches, engine, water maker and generator servicing.
    • There will also be regatta race preparations such as ascending the mast to check on the rig tension and regular cleaning of the hull of marine algae.
  • Will I get some free time?
    • During your Traineeship most weekends are free (except during regattas) and there should be plenty of free time to dive, kite surf etc.
  •  Will I get to socialise during race events?
    • During your Traineeship you will be taking part in race events where you will be representing Global Yacht Racing as race crew alongside our charter clients and individual race clients. There are usually many social activities put on by the event organisers and the atmosphere is extremely convivial and full of the party spirit. Whilst our race clients view the time as their holiday we expect our staff and trainees to act professionally whilst still enjoying and hosting social evenings with our race clients.
    • This can be tricky to juggle and you need to be aware that we do not encourage or condone excessive alcohol consumption or rowdy late night behaviour. You will need to be able to conduct your race crew responsibilities safely.
  • Will I get any holiday time?
    • During the 10-Month Traineeship (August to May/June) there is a period of downtime around Christmas. This is usually about three weeks in duration and you are welcome to book flights home to visit family and friends. You could use this time to sightsee in Antigua and Barbuda or other islands, relax on the beach or participate in waterspouts such as dinghy sailing, diving or kite-surfing.
    • You will not be able to stay onboard any of the yachts during this time as they are usually lifted and stored on the hard.
    • We recommend that you book alternative accommodation and activities early.