What To Budget For & Accommodation

Budget – What will I need?

  • What will I need to budget for?

You will need to budget to support yourself financially for the duration of your traineeship. Whilst there are no hidden accommodation costs associated with living aboard our yachts you will need to pay for your own food & drink whilst in port, toiletries, phone and communication expenses and personal shopping requirements. Your budget will depend on your personal tastes! Here’s a breakdown of what is included and what is not:

    • During offshore passages and racing all food and drink onboard the yacht is included. 
    • During day regatta racing linch is provided.
    • At all other times, in between events, you will need to cover your own living costs as we operate on a self-catering basis. However, all yacht costs, such as marina berthing fees, fuel, water and gas, including your berth (sleeping accommodation) onboard one of the yachts is included.

Accommodation – What Should I Expect?

  • Do I need to arrange my own accommodation?
    • During your Traineeship you will be staying on-board one of our sailing yachts or possibly in shoreside accommodation some of the time.
    • During programme breaks you will need to arrange your own accommodation if you are not returning home.
  • Will I share my accommodation?

There can be disruptions and disturbances living with others onboard a yacht. You will need to develop a strategy to be tolerant and also remember to be considerate of others. Keeping noise at night to a minimum and ensuring that your personal kit is kept tidy and contained in your own limited space will all help to maintain good relationships with your fellow trainees and your skipper! Ground rules, habits and customs of living in busy marinas will be discussed at your induction on your arrival. Here are the main things to note:

      • As a trainee you will always be guaranteed accommodation whilst the programme is running.
      • During your Traineeship you will be sharing your onboard accommodation with our skipper and other trainees.
      • During race events you will in addition be sharing the accommodation with other Global Yacht Racing clients.
      • During offshore race events this will also mean adapting to a ‘hot-bunking’ system. During offshore racing we operate a ‘hot-bunking’ system where bunks are shared by successive watches to insure the most comfortable sleeping position.