Insurance, Health & Travel

Travel, Insurance & Health

  • Are flights and transport included?
    • Generally not. You need to make your own way to us at Cowes for UK sections of the course. During programme breaks, such as Christmas for the 10 month programme, you will need to organise either a flight home or accommodation locally during the break
  • Does my passport need to be updated?
    • It is vital that you ensure that your passport has at least one year remaining before it expires.
  • Do I need travel visas?
    • You may need visas so please check and for UK Citizens this may change following Brexit. Non UK citizens need to check with their travel agent for other countries requirements. Currently, UK Citizens do not need visas for European countries or for the Caribbean countries that you will sail to. For Caribbean destinations UK Citizens do not usually need a visa if you have a return flight. Please ask us if you need a letter of embarkation. However, it would be useful for you to have a US B1/B2 visa which is valid for one year and enables you to enter the US Virgin Islands.
  • Do I need insurance?
    • It is part of our terms and conditions  that you have insurance that covers you for offshore sailing, yacht racing, medical issues, loss or theft of possessions and cancellation cover. We recommend our friends at Topsail Insurance and you can find further details by following this link:
  • What happens if I have to pull out of the course?
    • If you have to pull out of the programme due to illness, work commitments or other reason you may lose your deposit if you cancel before 90 days to the start. Within ninety days of the start dated you could end up losing the entire fee, which is why good holiday insurance with cancellation cover is a must. PYT may be able to place you on an alternative package at our discretion but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Do I need vaccinations?
    • General Health – We recommend that you visit your doctor, your optician and your dentist for a through check-up before leaving your country of residence. You will be away for up to ten months and so we remind you to ensure that you have sufficient supplies of medication that you may need, any contact lenses and solution as well as ensuring that your vaccines are up to date. 
    • Travel Vaccinations – You can get advice from your local GP surgery about travel clinics which will be able to provide up to date advice about vaccinations. Up to date travel vaccine information can also be found here: http://www.fitfortravel.nhs
    • Dengue Fever – there have been reports of dengue fever in the Caribbean and it is important to try to avoid being bitten by mosquitos as this will lower your risk of getting the disease. Further information about dengue fever can be found here: http://www.nhs/Conditions/dengue/Pages/Introduction
    • European Health Insurance Card – This free card enables UK residents to receive free healthcare in EU member states (including French Caribbean – Guadeloupe and Martinique. You can apply for one here: http://www.europeanhealthcard.or