ARC Race 2016 BLOG from onboard ‘EH01’

Greetings from the EH01 team sailing across the Atlantic.
All is well on board and crew are in good spirits despite 4 seasons of weather in the last 24 hours. Andras is managing us well as he sleeps with one eye open and he pops out the hatch like a “meercat” as he does not like us to be off course as this could result in us getting into a wind hole.
Each of the watches have sailed through big squalls up to 30knots where there is no visibility and heavy rain. We are all helping each other out by calling wind speed, wind angles, course and boats speed. Each watch now calls “Bingo” when the correct wind angle has been reached, this has been funny in the pouring rain and winds. Sailing in squalls is a great experience for all of us and they come and go within 20 minutes leaving us all physically wrecked and totally soaked but still having to clock-in for our 4 hour watch.
Portion control – ARC Stylee
This is getting a lot worse, we have been told to manage paper towels and wet wipes and now SOS “Robinsons” the cordial is all gone.
Our GPS coordinates are 18`34N, 28`21W if you fancy dropping off some “Apple & Blackcurrent”,” Orange”, “Lemon & Lime”and “elderflower” is also a favourite on the boat then don`t be shy..!!

Fishing wars 2016

Doug and Cass`s ARC catch of the day & Jimbo`s pancakes
Doug, Cass and the gutting team caught and gutted a local Mahi-Mahi fish which Doug made a lovely risotto with. Doug also made a cervici which was fab accompanied by Pringles, don`t tell Amazing Amy but he is a great chef..!
Our young Jimbo was not to be outshone on the cooking stakes as he put together some gorgeous pancakes for lunch which we had with a concoction of peanut butter & maple syrup.
Mid Atlantic dip
We have been becalmed the last few hours and it has been wet and clammy and we have not been getting the sunshine, blue skies and winds as promised in the Performance Yacht Racing brochures*, its more like a grey saturday in Dublin Bay.! The wind went to 0knots and shouts of swimming were heard throughout the boat which Andras agreed to and lines and fenders were put out of the back of the boat, safety first..! About half the crew got into their swimming gear and jumped/dived into a depth of 4,700m….!! It was so refreshing and the water was so unbelievably clear, we then washed ourselves with salt water friendly shower gels and jumped in again to rinse, what an amaaaaazing experience.